1. We are specialists – This allows us to optimise the structure of your loan.
We specialise in lending to selected industries, as such we fully understand the dynamics of those industries and what the lenders requirements are. This allows use to optimise the structure of your loan to ensure the best returns for you.

2. Tailored solution for your needs
We understand that every applicant has different needs and we are able to match this with the varying requirements of the various lenders.

Every applicant is different bringing their own strengths and weaknesses to the loan. With small business loans most lenders have specific criteria that they evaluate a loan against. These vary from lender to lender which is why one lender may refuse a loan that another lender will accept. There is not one lender that fits all and to undertake a full interview with all the lenders will result in a lot of wasted time and energy. We can short circuit this process and will match you with the lender from our extensive panel who is able meet your needs.

3. Professional loan applications resulting in a faster decision process
We provide professional help to inexperienced borrowers and work with you to review your business plans and cash-flow projections ensuring that your application has the best chance to be approved.

We will speed up the application process by ensuring that your loan submission is complete. A lack of understanding of what documentation needs to be supplied can result in an incomplete applications that will not be reviewed, but sit at the bottom of an intray.

4. Be fully informed with where your loan approval is at
We will keep you updated at all times. You are looking to take advantage of a good opportunity and it is important that you are aware of where your application is at, at all times. We deal with the lenders and their credit policies daily. Dealing with the lenders daily mean we have mutual respect and this builds results for our customers. We know what they are looking for and pride ourselves in supplying quality applications.

While we do not approve loans we will improve your chances of getting a loan approved.