Why not just go to my local Bank?

There are a number of bank and non-bank lenders operating in the Australian market today. We will save you the time in shopping all the different lenders. We are specialists, this means that you will be dealing with someone who understands your business and what you are trying to achieve the first time, you will not be moved from person to person as your enquiry progresses.

Do you just recommend one Banks product?

No. we are independently owned advisers working for you. We have a large selection of lenders that we can draw upon including the 4 major Australian banks. Our aim is to get you the lending solution that is right for you.

What about other financial products?

We believe that for us to provide you with the best possible service we need to specialise in what we do. To this end rather than become generalists we have formed alliances with other like minded professional group so we can offer you a full service.

How do we get paid?

For structuring your lending to suit your requirements and submitting your application we are paid by the lender. Our fees are generally the same irrespective of the lender.

Do I pay more for a lending facility through you than going directly to the Bank?

No. As we work for our clients rather than the lender. Not only do we ensure that you get the right products we also ensure that your pricing is competitive.