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Over the years Banks have become more comfortable with lending to selected Franchises, this means that as well as the normal loans that are available for small businesses some Franchisees can access a loan that is secured against the business itself.

The types of loans that are available are determined by the security:

  1. Secured against property:-
    The lender will issue a loan that is secured against the property involved.
  2. Secured against the business :-
    This option is available to selected Franchise systems that have been accredited by the various lenders. If the system has been accredited then the potential purchaser can borrow from 50% - 75% of the cost of buying or setting up the Franchise using the business itself as the security eg if the franchise costs $330,000 and the system is accredited for a 50% lend then you will need to raise $165,000 by yourself and the lender will lend you the other $165,000 secured against the franchise.
  3. Secured against equipment:-
    This is generally in the form of a lease where the lender takes the equipment being purchased as the security

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